Black, White and Red Nude



Looking for females to pose for artistic nudes

I am looking for any and all woman volunteers who would be interested in a nude photoshiot with me. I am a woman and have only been able to take pics of myself. The pics would be classy black and whites taken in positions that emphasize the curves and beauty of the female form. I am Canadian and live in Alberta. Email me at if you are interested.

I Dare you to take a Nude Self-Portrait

To all my fellow bloggers out there…I have a challenge/dare for you. I challenge you to take a nude self-portrait. I recently took a few and found the process to be very positive. I used my self-timer and played with different angles and lighting until I got a few tasteful shots that I was happy with. Then I just made them black and white and Shazam! Instant Art. Below is one of my pics and I have another post with a few more. Comment and let me know what the process was like for you. I look forward to seeing what all you creative people come up with!