Brevity is the soul of wit

Standing Ovation, Seated

110813_1454_Ithasbeenay3.pngOnce, I used this chart to explain three cornerstone requirements for an artwork to be appreciated by the public. It must grab attention, be easy-to-understand, and send across a relevant message that will switch on neural processes in the mind of the viewer leading to the appearance of memories, thoughts and ideas, which are to be followed by an emotional arousal.

Shakespear believed brevity was the soul of wit. Perhaps, in the written language this is so, but in the visual arts brevity is first of all the trigger of grabbing attention. A modern man is getting too much information to want to be distracted by unnecessary detail.

Graphic artists strive to minimise the number of colour areas and to simplify lines, mercilessly wiping out superflous details.


We don’t need to see everything to construct the required image in our mind. There are only 2 black forms in the drawing…

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